November 6, 2012

lies in the name of justice

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Dengan menyebut nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang

Peace be upon you all and welcome to the my blog “Mujahid siswa”. We begin in the name of God, the most merciful, the most kind. Peace and blessings on the Prophet's Muhammad s.a.w , Ahlul bait, the companions, Tabi’ tabien and the next the rectifier to the Prophet's struggle until Judgment..Alhamdulillah

On September 11, 2012 we remembered an event that occurred 11 years ago, the event that changed the face of the world. This incident occurred just a few months Bush Jr.. hold the power of the White House. It comes with wing extremist, a group called "neo-conservatives" who hold the reins of power in America.

Because when the extremist right earnest in making the planning that allow Americans able to meet desire to do its dominance to the whole world during the twenty-first century, they insist that this century is the "American century" entirely .. Then their September 11 to provide a golden opportunity in military operations indefinitely, so as to strengthen U.S. domination of the world under the slogan "war on terror" (terrorism). Islamic world is target of this war.

Western view of the world of Islam based on two main theories and is same we on different theories viewing on western : The first theory is the "Clash of Civilisations", developed by the Bush personally, and be a backup Bush in an attack on the Muslim world. Other theory is "The End of History". Both theories have agree that Islam is the greatest threat and the only one facing humanity today. Therefore, they incited to commit an attack on the Islamic world and destroy it before there comes the danger.

The emergence of the idea of ​​"axis of evil" and making wild allegations on certain countries like Iraq and Afghanistan as thugs countries. Making accusations "Al-Qaeda" as the first gangster American focus to start the attack and occupation of Afghanistan, then Iraq, until American military crimes and the greatest moral and human rights violations in prison "Guantanamo" and "Abu Ghraib ", and in prisons move and aircraft around the world, where the detainees transferred to it so that after the despotic leaders can commit torture and murder to represent America.

If the American administration are often commemorates events of September 11, and calculate the human and material losses, and provide statistics and figures, we also would like to sample the Palestinian disaster caused by the United States; devastation, destruction and damage caused by the inhumanity of the Zionist occupation of Palestine. Even more than hundreds of times committed by his counterpart than the Twin Towers destruction in New York and if added with the hundreds of thousands of people were killed and wounded, ejected and deprived of their homeland. The fact that can not be denied is that the Palestinians now no country, no no more peace, no peace and no more freedom. All this to be a disaster to the Palestinians and disasters throughout history.

We demand that the U.S. administration during the anniversary events this 11September to recognize that there are occupation Zionism, no confiscation of land in Palestine, the "occupation" is the attempt Judaize Al-Quds and the West Bank, there are efforts on the destruction and demolition of houses -house and the expulsion of Palestinians after seizing legitimate citizens of their identity. If America really concerned to fight terrorism or terrorism, then they must find the motive and cause. There is no doubt that this happened because of the oppression and persecution of the Palestinians, and consider the specific scales, which is caused by the disaster in Palestine.

But God's will occur where before time runs 10th anniversary of September 11th and intifadhah Arab revolution erupted fight tyranny, brutality, dictatorship, corruption and violence, a successful revolution to overthrow the autocratic and iron leader of the strongest in the region that have been identified as the largest so-called "war" on terrorism. They have the resources dry up, attacking Muslims, besieged it, and take part in the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and the siege of Gaza. They are "Ben Ali" in Tunisia, "Gadhafi" director terrorists in Libya, and (Mubarak) "strategic treasure" Zionist in Egypt.

While the U.S. administration claimed political policy and the obligation to carry out democracy and the defense of human rights and creating the Arab revolution. This is the biggest lie. But the Arab revolution is to repelling the Zionist and American attacks to face of the dictator lie about it. Most do not, what we see is panic and fear that gripped the Brethren Zionist revolution Egypt against them and the changes in the strategic relationship between Egypt and Turkey, where the peak is when Erdogan visits to Cairo to form a new focus in the face of the Zionist scheming.

This is the wisdom of God is so clear that every tyranny will surely end. Now we can see the end of the dictators and tyranny in the Arab world and the Arab revolution was also reached the country malaysia? .. InsyaAllah. We are also currently able to witness the downfall of the American and Western civilization. Now we have heard the voices that echoed from there who had warned how bad is the return of mankind civilization falling into empty without faith. Humans do not get any profit in them except fear, anxiety and mental illness to increasing cases of suicide, although materialistic pleasure and orgasm uncontrolled freedom and without value beyond bounds.

Also can not be separated a tyranny government acting on behalf of universal unification and safety of people are essentially destroying their own security and harmony of the various peoples, religions and cultures.
Now it is abundantly clear and obvious to everyone that has a heart and the realization of human security is as follow manhaj of Islam, and its values ​​despite continued efforts and enthusiasm to create misunderstanding and give a bad impression. But it all ended in abject failure. It is clear to everyone that the security of mankind, in Islam there is only real security and freedom. too many lies tyranny committed by the regime in acting of the name of peace and finally they can not control all the planning terror on the face of this earth