January 22, 2013

Ask A''ishah

Oh Prophet of Allah, may Allahs peace and blessings be upon you,
And on all Prophets, Jesus and Moses too

They have slandered you, belittled you
Yet nothing do they know of you

Your exalted character is far above what they say
Your kindly gaze, forgives the linguistic games they play

Their ignorant seek to pen your actions in the guise of scholars
But for seeking the truth, not a single one of even bothers

Oh Prophet of Allah, they perfume their words in rhyming phrase
But the knower’s know their lies are but a haze.

Oh Prophet of Allah, from your lips came the words ‘modesty is half the faith’
And from the lips of your beloved Aisha came the praise that you were 'more shy than a virgin bride’

Describing you she said,’ Which act of his was not wonderful, all his acts were wonderful’

Little do the know that from your beloved A’isha’s lips came the words ‘"Indeed I desire Allah and His Prophet and the abode of the next world.

Little do they know of the happiness she enjoyed with you ,

Oh Prophet of Allah.

Upon seeing you rise up to pray to Allah In the dead of every night
It was your A’isha that said spoke the lines ‘Your Sun rises in the morning, but my Sun rises at night

Indeed your last words were spoken to her
And your final gaze met with her eyes

And it was your soul that left this temporary abode
In her home, and her arms

What do they know of the races you used to play with Aisha, which some you won, and sometimes she

What do they know of the praises you showered on Aisha

What do they know of the grief she felt at your separation

Let them believe the lies and rumours they conjure, the truth is there for all who wish to see it!

Let them ask A’isha, for her words in the books of history are full of your praises.

Source :

- Contribution comrades Fazmy ( may Allah bless you )
- This poem was written in defense of Sayyidah A'isha Radhiallahu Anha to counter another poem, which     
   slanders our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and Sayyidah Aisha.