January 23, 2013

Rahmatan lil'alamain

Night of power,shower of might.
Holder of mercy,keeper of truth,
Soldier of courage,bringer of ligh,.
Spreader of peace to old and youth,
Speaker of wisdom,sight of beauty,
Struggled through life fulfilling your duty,
Your eyes release tears from a mind full of fears.

Who was the man so full of trust,
That man was he who repelled his lusts.
Honest was he who was loved by much,
Keeper of the key and followed by such.
When toils arose his heart remained true,
Many years on he is still envied by you.
Who was the man so full of trust,
That man was but a man like me and you.

He is a man who changed the whole world,
Our so very dear saw in him a special light,

even though we have never seen you,
but we see the light,

He parted with us, so very long ago
But he remains in our hearts no matter where we go,
Which brings us to the right path,
  Road to the village afterlife, heaven
  We hope to meet you again there,
So, Get to know him, follow his call,
 to secure our world and the hereafter