February 5, 2013

Proud With Them !

Lifting the head of humanity
Looking with the eyes of freedom
It's Syria what i call my home
It's Syria my heart and soul

Syria, It's time, time to go back,
Back to justice and human rights,
Syria, They fought no tireless
until victory comes from God.

Flying with a heart full of peace
Throwing the pains away
Wiping away all the tears
And fighting all the fears

 Dreams will grow
Also they will achieve
All together we will be
One hand holding the other

Each second we will spend it together
Here, in tour streets we will stay forever
Helping, protecting, and loving each other
Holding your flag that will last till ever

Syria, now you land martyrs blood,
Rise of them, Because they want heaven.
Even torn soul and body,
their still to say ,Allah is the God one

Syria, you kept us safe for years
Now it's the time for us to keep you safe
We will give you everything we have
But it won't be enough you gave us the stars
and land of