February 5, 2013

Poem_ Walk to Jannah.

Lil’ Aisha I apologise on behalf of humanity,
You were born in a world full of cruelty,
Your land was stolen having nowhere to reside,
A forgotten child but you’re one of a kind,
How you can smile I truly cannot understand,
But I hope you carry on while holding my hand,

Your father passed away and he was a brave man,
He didn’t fear the enemy and defended his land,
So he died a martyr and you should be proud,
You can hold your head high and say out aloud,
‘My father was a hero and I will follow his path,
You’ll never see me stop as long as this heartbeat lasts’,

Your mother was left to look after you and big bro Ismael
You loved him so much but his destiny was sealed
He was his father’s son and followed the same track
Seeking martyrdom and never looking back
One day he bravely drove past the Israeli military
He killed and was killed so that you might be free

Daddy and big bro have both left for Jannah
Now it’s you and you strong mum, Sana
The cowardly Jews came to destroy your home
But you mum defended what’s hers all on her own
They had no shame and bullets were hurled
Mummy’s waiting with big bro and dad for their little girl

You’re my hero and you keep me going everyday
I will come just to give you a hug if I had it my way
I hope I help with the little that I do for you
It’s not much but I pray that it’ll get you through
The tough times, those days when you’re feeling sad
‘Cause you’re missing big bro, mum and dad